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Product Information

The JK Warc Antenna has been designed for Hams looking for a simple, cost effective but high quality WARC antenna.

This Warc antenna elements follow the same taper schedules and element construction as the Navassa5 antenna for 17M and 12M elements. The 2-30M elements are identical to the JK302 elements and are Hi-Q coil loaded.

This antenna is very specifically priced and marketed to the segment of the Ham community that wants to put up a  Warc Yagi with  an outstanding signal and the best quality mechanical build in the marketplace.

This  antenna has excellent Gain, F/R and SWR characteristics and is manufactured the same way as our larger Yagis with the same high quality materials and hardware.

This antenna uses a Single Feedpoint for all 3 Warc bands.


Product Code JKWarc
Manufacturer JK Antennas
Condition New
Weight 75lb

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