XR5-JK / XR6

XR5-JK / XR6
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Max Choking Balun (Required)
6M Add-On Kit (Required)


Product Information

The XR5-JK is a five band / Multiband Yagi that interlaces 10, 12, 15, 17 & 20 meters on a single boom. This antenna is based on the classic Force 12 design and optimized with a single transmission line feed system.

This unique design places full size elements along the boom in the same plane and produces amazing 2 element monobander performance on all 5 bands.

The XR5-JK is a direct 50-ohm feedpoint with the other band driven elements connected through a robust transmission line. 

The optional 6-meter kit places 2-additional elements to make this antenna active on 6 meters - XR6-JK

It is manufactured the same way as our bigger Yagis with the same high quality materials and hardware. 

Product Code XR5-JK
Manufacturer Force 12
Condition New
Weight 80lb

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