JK MidTri

JK MidTri
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Product Information

The JK Mid-Tri has been designed for Hams looking for a Mid level, cost effective but high quality Tribander antenna.


This Tri-Bander's elements follow the same taper schedules and element construction as the Navassa5 antenna.


This antenna is very specifically priced and marketed to the segment of the Ham community that wants to put up a Yagi with  an outstanding signal and the best quality mechanical build in the marketplace.


We have specifically focused on the mounting position of this  Mid-Tri Yagi to enable stacking of this antenna on the side of a tower. A good 3ft spacing between the elements gives the side-mounting option on most towers available in the market today.


If you also need 40M, check out the JK Mid-Tri-40 !! The 40M band has its own feedpoint which enables you to stack a

JK Mid-Tri-40 on the top with a JK Mid-Tri on the bottom in a stack (see stack plots below).


The antennas have excellent Gain, F/R and SWR characteristics and is manufactured the same way as our larger Yagis with the same high quality materials and hardware.



Product Code JKMidTri
Manufacturer JK Antennas
Condition New
Weight 104lb

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