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Product Information

he JK402T is a 22Ft boom 2 element 40m Yagi that has excellent gain and F/R.  The elements are loaded Capacitively which shortens the overall length while still maintaining a good gain, F/R across the 40M band.


This antenna is made for the DX'er or Contester that is looking for an antenna to work across the globe.

It is made with very high quality materials and the best in its class in the market in terms of mechanical construction and electrical performance. The overall element sag for this capacitive loaded antenna is less than 26 inches.


This 40M Yagi has a great performance bandwidth all the way at the CW portion of the band, where the Max performance of this antenna is achieved. It then extends all way in to the upper SSB portion without significant degradation in performance.

Product Code JK402T
Manufacturer JK Antennas
Condition New
Weight 125lb

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