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Why JK?


These are some of the features that makes our antennas the best electrically and mechanically constructed products in the market. Some of these mechanical designs and constructions are very unique to JK Antennas products.


This information should help with your decision-making process as you comparison shop, and we are confident that our product lines offer the best value for the highest quality.



All of our antennas come with 1/8" or 3mm thick boom sections. The Booms and Sleeves are always constructed from Aluminum 6061-T6. They are designed to withstand a minimum of 135-140 mph, which eliminates the needs for side-trussing long boom yagis.


Our Boom sleeves are 1/4" or 6mm thick. This thickness and the use of round booms makes the antenna stronger and less susceptible to excessive wind area. Our automated CNC drilling of the boom sections and sleeves make a fit perfect on every boom joint.

**Our smaller boom yagis (less than 15ft) use 1/16" wall)**



All of our 40M Elements are mounted on a "C" channel, which is a minimum of 1/4" or 6mm thick on the sides. The "C" channels are made of aluminum 6061-T6 and our full size elements even use another 1/8" or 3mm plate on top of these channels for the best support and rigidity.


The 40M coil loaded elements come with 1.75" OD 6061-T6 tubing in the center and our full-size elements start at 2" OD.

The 40M elements dont need or use element trusses.


All elements are properly sized to withstand heavy winds ....

40M Full-size - 2" OD (0.25" wall) center section

40M Loaded - 1.75" OD (0.125" wall) center section

20M - 1.25" OD (0.116" wall) center section

17M, 15M - 1.0"OD Center section

12M, 10M - 0.75" OD Center section

6M - 0.50" OD Center section

Element to Boom Mounting


Our elements to boom mounting is done using custom machined saddle clamps and fitted for the boom. The clamps offer the best rigid mounting and helps preventing from any movement at the boom during heavy winds.


The elements plates for the 20M are 1/4" or 6mm thick and for 17M to 10M elements, they are 3/16" or 4.5mm thick. All element plates are Aluminum 6061-T6. We use polyamide material clamps to isolate the elements electrically from the boom.

Element Overlap


Our elements use a 6" overlap from one taper to the other. Two screws are used at each of these overlap.


The Navassa5 type tapers use a 3" overlap and is held by a screw recessed into a counter-sunk hole on the outside taper.

Coil Mounting


Our 40M and 30M loaded elements use Hi-Q coils for electrically lengthening the elements.


The insulator is made of solid Fiberglass rods for the coil mounting. These are pultruded rods that offer very high yield strength.

We use non-conductive tape to wrap the fiberglass rods to protect from UV.

The use of solid rod helps in less element sag and provides the best mechanical construction for the loaded elements. (Remember .. No element  truss !!)



Our Hi-Q coils are machine wound.

The standoff to mount the coil to the element are TIG welded to give the best electrical and mechanical connection at the joint.

The coils are made from 1/4" or 6mm solid aluminum rod.



Our packing is broken down and bagged according to the different assemblies.

This makes it very easy for the assembler to find the parts and hardware.

We also provide adequate extra hardware to cover for contingencies.

All assembly hardware for the boom and the elements are stainless-steel.



All our antenna products are shipped within the USA by UPS or FEDEX Ground and internationally by UPS Expedited.

Our design process incorporates and enables us to break down the antennas into multiple boxes and have them delivered at your doorstep, whether domestically or internationally. This holds true for all our antenna products whether they are the short boom yagis or the bigger and heavier longer boom yagis.

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Our Antennas are 100% manufactured in the USA

The next generation in design, quality and manufacturing

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The next generation in design, quality and manufacturing