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The JK2040 Osprey has great performance characteristics on 20m and 40m. The 27ft active boom 20m Yagi has been optimized for high gain and a good F/R with good SWR performance across the band. On 40m the characteristics of the 3 element Yagi are similar to the JK403 or better.

The 40m element constructions do not need trussing. It's truly an excellent performer and its max F/R characteristics help you hear even the weakest of signals.


The 40m elements can be optimized for your operating bandwidth on 40m.

JK2040 - Osprey   4 Elements on 20M / 3 Elements on 40M / 32 Foot Boom

Price : US$3,795.00 **

Approx wt. = 175 lbs

Wind Area "C" = 14.85 Sq Ft

                "G" = 27.0 Sq Ft

Projected Area =  22.5  Sq Ft

Max Wind Speed = 100 Mph

Max Turning Radius = 28.5 Ft



Peak Gain is shown over a dipole in Freespace
Dipole in Freespace = 2.14dBi





Number Elements



Active Boom Length

27 ft

30 ft

Peak Gain*

6.8 dBd

5.1 dBd

Peak F/B

16 dB

21 dB

Peak F/R

15 dB

18 dB

2:1 SWR Bandwidth

Less than 1:3 across the band

160 KHz

1.5:1 SWR Bandwidth

Less than 1:3 across the band

100 KHz

Max Element Length

36.4 ft

47 ft

** All pricing shown assumes the basic mounting hardware. Additional costs may apply for customized mast plates and hardware.


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