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The JK MegaTri has been designed for Hams looking for a  longer boom Tribander while enjoying maximum performance on 20/15/10 comparable and similar in performance to long-boom monobander yagis.


This Tri-Bander's elements follow the same taper schedules and element construction as the Navassa5 antenna.


This antenna is very specifically priced and marketed to the segment of the Ham community that wants to put up a Yagi with  an outstanding signal and the best quality mechanical build in the marketplace.


This antenna has excellent Gain, F/R and SWR characteristics and is manufactured the same way as our larger Yagis with the same high quality materials and hardware.



JK Mega-Tri    5 Elements on 20M / 6 Elements on 15M / 9 Elements on 10M / 44 Foot Boom

JK Mega-Tri


Approx wt. = 220 lbs

Wind Area "C" = 16.9 Sq. Ft

                  "G" = 30.42 Sq. Ft

Projected Area  = 25.35  Sq. Ft

Max Wind Speed = 100 Mph

Max Turning Radius = 28.0 Ft

Feedpoint = Direct 50-Ohm



Peak Gain is shown over a dipole in Freespace
Dipole in Freespace = 2.14dBi




Number of


Active Boom Length

Peak Gain *

Peak F/B

Peak F/R

2:1 SWR Bandwidth

1.5:1 SWR Bandwidth

Max Element Length


40 ft

10+ dBd/  12+ dbi

20+ dB

20+ dB

850 kHz

650 kHz

18 ft


41 ft

9.4+ dBd/ 11.5+ dbi

18+ dB

18+ dB

Less than 1:5:1

450 kHz

24.25 ft



8+ dBd/    10+ dbi

20+ dB

20+ dB

Less than 1:5:1

350 kHz

36.5 ft

** All pricing shown assumes the basic mounting hardware. Additional costs may apply for customized mast plates and hardware.

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