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JK404C    4 Elements on 40M / 36 Foot Boom - Dual Driven

Price : US$3,825.00 **


The JK404C is a great contest antenna on a 36ft boom for 40m. This antenna has excellent F/R and gain while maintaining a flat SWR bandwidth. The antenna is made with our high quality, heavy duty materials and hardware. The element construction does not need trussing.


The Elements are Hi-Q coil loaded & Dual Driven. This provides a very good bandwidth and maintains steady gain and F/R pattern.


The goal in developing this antenna was to provide the contesters a 40M loaded Monobander that would provide a flat swr without degrading performance.


The Key feature of this antenna is that it can be mounted above or below Tribanders or other monobanders without any interaction.


We ship this antenna worldwide by UPS expedited and within the USA by UPS Ground. An Average shipping cost from CT to CA is approx $150 for this antenna.

Approx wt. = 160 lbs

Wind Area "C" = 11.20 Sq Ft

                "G" = 20.16 Sq Ft

Projected Area = 16.8 Sq Ft

Max Wind Speed = 100 Mph

Max Turning Radius = 31.25 Ft

Boom = 2.5" OD / 0.125" wall

Feedpoint = 50-Ohm Direct

Power = 5KW Avg or Balun restricted



Number Elements


Active Boom Length

35.5 ft

Peak Gain*

5.26 dBd

Peak F/B

23 dB

Peak F/R

22 dB

2:1 SWR Bandwidth

275 KHz

1.5:1 SWR Bandwidth

225 KHz

Max Element Length

49.5 ft

Peak Gain is shown over a dipole in Freespace
Dipole in Freespace = 2.14dBi

JK404C Plot at 100Ft above average ground SSB

JK404C Plot at 100Ft above average ground CW

JK404C Plot - Freespace SSB

JK404C Plot - Freespace CW

** All pricing shown assumes the basic mounting hardware. Additional costs may apply for customized mast plates and hardware.


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