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JK401    Rotatable Dipole for 40M

Price : US$895.00 **


The JK401 is a simple Hi-Q coil loaded rotatable dipole, with a small footprint as well giving great performance on 40M.


This antenna is made for the Ham operator that ís looking for a compact dipole antenna to work on 40M.


It is made with very high quality materials and the

best in its class in the market in terms of mechanical construction and electrical performance.


This Dipole has a good 250KHz bandwidth and great as an accompanying antenna on top of the mast with any Tri-bander or other Multi-band Yagi.


Try our JK-Navassa5 and the JK401 to enjoy 6M through 40M on the same mast !!


*** Gain shown below is 50FT above Average/Flat ground using NEC4 ***


Click here for a PDF version of the manual - 2021

Approx wt. = 27 lbs

Wind Area "C" = 2.8 Sq Ft

                "G" = 5.0 Sq Ft

Projected  Area = 4.2 Sq Ft

Max Wind Speed = 100 Mph

Max Turning Radius = 23.5 Ft

Feedpoint = 50-Ohm Direct

Power = 5KW Avg or Balun restricted

Average Gain = 2 dbi (Freespace)

SWR Bandwidth 1.5:1 = 150 KHz

SWR Bandwidth 2:1 = 250 KHz

Total Element length = 47 ft


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