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The JK1015jr was designed due to the need for an exceptional dual band yagi that performs amazingly on 10m and 15m and on a smaller boom. This single feed point yagi performs like a champion giving great gain and  F/R while keeping swr low on both 15m and 10m.


This interlaced yagi gives the best performance at par with any monoband yagi in its class on 15m and 10M. This yagi is ideal for placing on top of our JK2040 antennas with a minumum of 10ft spacing.

JK1015jr - 4 Elements on 15M / 5 Elements on 10M / 21 Foot Boom

Price : US$1,285.00 **

Approx wt. = 39.5 lbs

Wind Area "C" = 5.85 Sq Ft

                "G" = 10.53 Sq Ft

Projected Area  = 8.78 Sq Ft

Max Wind Speed = 100 Mph




Number Elements



Active Boom Length

19.5 ft

19 ft

Peak Gain*

7.89dBd/ 10.03dbi

6.37dBd/ 8.53dbi

Peak F/B

20 dB

22 dB

Peak F/R

20 dB

22 dB

2:1 SWR Bandwidth

850 KHz

Less than 1:1.3 across the band

1.5:1 SWR Bandwidth

750 KHz

Less than 1:1.3 across the band

Max Element Length

17.4 ft

24 ft

Peak Gain is shown over a dipole in Freespace
Dipole in Freespace = 2.14dBi

** All pricing shown assumes the basic mounting hardware. Additional costs may apply for customized mast plates and hardware.

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