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JK BevFlex-4

Price : US$399.00 **

  • New unique design
  • Uses low cost RG-6 cable
  • Flexible feed-point can be located at any position along antenna length (Beverage & BOG)
  • All passive high-reliability design
  • Termination resistors can be adjusted from shack to optimize directivity and S/N

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The Ultimate, Versatile, Reversible, Receive Antenna System

FOUR Receive Antenna Designs in ONE Package


  1. Classic Beverage
  2. Beverage on the Ground (BOG) or Beverage in Sod (BIS)
  3. FLAG
  4. Inverted EWE

The JK BevFlex-4 is actually four antenna system designs in a single package and is based on our earlier BevPro-1 reversible Beverage antenna design that has been deployed worldwide.  All four designs allow you to maximize your low frequency receiving capabilities based on your particular physical space constraints.  All system designs are totally passive, provide 180 degree reversibility, and allow termination optimization from your operating position.

Beverage BOG/BIS
Inverted EWE Flag

JK BevFlex-4 - Components to Build any One of FOUR Proven RX Antennas with Unique Features and Low Overall Cost !

CLASSIC BEVERAGE:  Using low cost RG-6 coaxial cable for all elements as well as the feed lines, this system will provide the ultimate in low noise reception for cases where you have sufficient space for installation.

BEVERAGE ON GROUND (“BOG”):  In locations with at least 150 Ft of clear space aimed at the desired directions, the BOG is an ideal solution.  This is basically a Beverage antenna installed on the ground or in sod (BIS) slightly below the surface.  The velocity of propagation for an on-ground conductor is much lower than an above ground conductor resulting in an antenna on ground that is electrically longer than its physical length.  The trade off, is lower gain requiring a pre-amplifier for reliable reception above 7 MHz.

INVERTED EWE:  For those locations with extremely limited space, the reversible Inverted EWE offers high performance, easy installation, and a low profile.  This design involves a single element with a length of 30  to 40 Ft and a height of only 10 Ft above ground.

FLAG ANTENNA:  Based on the classic FLAG antenna, the JK BevFlex-4 provides full reversibility in a design that requires much less physical space than either a Beverage or a BOG design.  The FLAG antenna requires only  35 Ft of horizontal space in a rectangle approximately 35 x 16 Ft at least 10 Ft. above ground.  All elements can be made from low visibility wire.


Antenna element:

Feed Line:

Antenna feed point:

Lightning protection:

Overload protection:

Impedance match:

Direction switching:



Directionality null:

Frequency range (length dependent)


75 Ohm RG-6 coax Beverage and BOG, Single conductor Flag and EWE

75 Ohm RG-6 coax

Any point along length of antenna (Beverage and BOG)

Gas discharge tubes at each end

Diode protection for Tx antenna

75 to 50 Ohm impedance match

Forward / Reverse Switch

All passive components


All passive components

150 kHz - 30 MHz

About the Developers:   Geoff Mendenhall – W8GNM      Ned Mountain-WC4X

Geoff Mendenhall has been an active amateur radio operator and DX’er for 52 years.   He received his WAS and DXCC awards from several different QTH’s , most recently, from a location where he has only wire antennas, including a bi-directional Beverage receiving antenna.   He  has a BSEE degree from Georgia Tech and holds eight U.S. patents for broadcast equipment. He received the National Association of Broadcasters Radio Engineering Achievement Award for his contributions to FM broadcast transmitter technology and in 2008 he was named a Harris Fellow.   Geoff is a registered Professional Engineer  and a member of the Association of Federal Communications Consulting Engineers (AFCCE), a member of the FCC Technological Advisory Council (FCC-TAC), a contributor to the National Radio Systems Committee, and a Senior Member of the IEEE.


Ned Mountain has been an active amateur as DX and DX’er for over 54 years.  He holds a BSEE degree from the University of Pittsburgh and has had a career in engineering, sales, and marketing primarily in the broadcast and cable industries.   Ned holds a  US patent in the field of digital television signal processing. Ned has been responsible for extensive testing and evaluation of the BevFlex-4 concept since 2009 from his QTH in a remote area of North Georgia


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