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Force 12 Antenna designs to be manufactured in CT, USA


Texas Antennas, the current owners of the Force 12 brand have entered into a manufacturing and sales arrangement with JK Antennas in CT, USA. Under the new arrangement, JK Antennas will selectively and progressively make available most of the legacy Force12 yagi models such as the XR5. C3, C3S, 4BA, 5BA, 6BA etc and the vertical lines such as the Sigma-5, Sigma-80, etc. The legacy models will be re-optimized using NEC4 by JK and mechanically built to specification as the other JK models.


JK Antennas is very happy to add the Force 12 line of Yagis and Verticals to their existing portfolio of products. The goal is to make immediately available to customers some of the popular Force 12 models such as the XR5, 4BA, 5BA, 6BA, Sigma-5 etc. All sales & support of the NEC4 optimized Force 12 products will be out of CT, USA.




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