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JK65    5 Elements on 6M / 15 Foot Boom

Price : US$395.00 **

This 5 element 6m Yagi gives you tremendous performance with very high gain on a 15ft boom.

The antenna has been optimized for good F/R and SWR performance across the 6-meter band.

The antenna comes with our high quality, heavy duty materials and hardware. We have managed to keep the antenna light-weight and at the same time keep the build quality the best like our bigger yagis.


The FreeSpace gain of 11+ dbi or the 16+ dbi gain at 1.5-wavelength above ground makes this a great antenna for use during E-Skip and other times. Stack a few of them and enjoy 6-meters.

 ** This antenna is a 50-ohm direct feed



Approx wt. = 14 lbs

Wind Area "C" = 1.37 Sq Ft

                "G" = 2.46 Sq Ft

Projected Area = 2.05 Sq Ft

Max Wind Speed = 145 Mph

Max Turning Radius = 9.0 Ft


Enjoy 11+ dbi of Freespace gain or


16+ dbi of Gain at 1.5-wavelength above ground !!!

*** Gain above ground are NEC4 modeled numbers over Average/Flat ground ***

Plot shown below is 1.5 wavelength  above ground

Peak Gain is shown over a dipole in Freespace
Dipole in Freespace = 2.14dBi



Number Elements


Active Boom Length

15.0 ft

Peak Gain*

9.2 dBd

Peak F/B

30+ dB

Peak F/R

20+ dB

2:1 SWR Bandwidth

1 MHz

1.5:1 SWR Bandwidth

800 KHz

Max Element Length


*** Coax Choke shown below for Illustrative purposes only ***

*** No Balun included. We recommend a simple Coax choke, however will provide an optional balun at additional cost ***

** All pricing shown assumes the basic mounting hardware. Additional costs may apply for customized mast plates and hardware.


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